The State Plan: Webinars & Comments

Please take note that the State Planning Commission is beginning to receive stakeholder input regarding the upcoming State Development and Redevelopment Plan.  Hearing from you is important.  Toward that end, the State has set up a portal…


The State will be adding more to this website as the process moves along, but right now there are three tabs.  The first allows you to take a short survey, either as a resident or a business (or other organization); the second, meetings, lists stakeholder webinars, including dates, times, topics, and descriptions, with a link to register to listen to them.  If you are unable to listen when they are occurring, they will be placed on the public input website for future listening.  The third tab is a free-form comment section.


Please also note that there are several ways to provide comments to our office:



To comment or watch previously recorded webinars click here.